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Organisational Structure

In December, 2008 the Association purchased Bellbunya, a 40 acre farm and conference centre in Belli Park on the Sunshine Coast to create a place to model, implement and teach sustainable living.

The Association is working in partnership with other groups and organisations with similar objectives and welcomes opportunities to work together with groups and individuals to create a sustainable future.

We conduct a sustainability audit each year in conjunction with the Bellbunya Community Association to gauge our effectiveness as an organisation, and the effectiveness of our programs.

We have a core group of volunteer members who manage our activities, around 55 special members and around 400 general members.

We welcome community engagement and involvement on every level, including partnership opportunities, use of our venue, research and development opportunities. 

Currently an opportunity exists for people to become involved in the sustainable community project at Bellbunya, and for building and leasing sustainable community buildings, including accommodation, office space and a sustainable food restaurant.

Sunshine Coast Community Land Trust

The Association is Trustee of the Sunshine Coast Community Land Trust.  The Land Trust is intended to return land to common ownership (the "commons") rather than private ownership.

Moving land into public hands with a common altruistic goal enables it to be valued for its sacred and productive purposes rather than its speculative value.  It facilitiates long-term, land appropriate sustainable practices including farm forestry and eco-agriculture. The value of public investment, donations, legacies and venture-returns are thus captured in perpetuity for the ongoing benefit of the wider community.

Registered Environmental Organisation

We have established the Sunshine Coast Community Land Trust Public Fund, which receives money to carry out the environmental objectives of the Association.  The fund is registered as an Australian environmental charity to enable donations for the purchase and rehabilitation of land and environmental objectives to be tax deductible.


We welcome ethical investments from Association members in the project for monetary or in-kind returns.  Contact us to find out more.

Membership of the Association

A fantastic way of supporting the work and objects of the Association is to become a Member of the Association. The annual membership fee is $40 per person or $60 per family.  All members receive "mates rates" when staying with the community and receive their first night's accommodation free.  Membership fees can be paid by direct debit to our account. Please contact us with your name(s), location and a contact email or PO Box and we will send our account details.