Sustainability Audit

In June 2010 we completed a comprehensive sustainability audit to review the sustainability of the Bellbunya Community and Eco-Conference Centre project.

The review was conducted in conjunction with the University of New England by Masters student and community member, Karyn Maher.

Indicators were established and measured across all 4 sectors of the quadruple bottom line.

                    Transformative Growth
                    Making a difference in the world

                    Trust between members
                    Good Communications skills and processes
                    Education available to all
                    Networks and interactions with wider community
                    Health of members is taken care of
                    Reasonable hours contributed to community life
                    Commercial debt / asset ratio of ASC
                    Affordability – accommodation, meals, utilities
                    Building local economy
                    Ethical business on-site

                    Food Production
                    Low Consumption
                    Low Waste
                    Increasing Soil health
                    Energy efficiency and renewable, local production
                    Buildings are efficient and small
                    Minimal transport requirements

The report found that overall the community was achieving exceptionally well in comparison to Australian averages, and doing well in terms of working toward best practice and its goals.  

In each area Bellbunya and its community had achieved a great deal.  Socially, it is an example of best practice in many areas.  Economically, it is still in start-up phase.  Environmental achievements include low consumption, extraordinarily low waste, and a leap forward in local, renewable energy production.

The report recommends that the focus areas for 2010-2011 include food production, reducing bank loans and increased shared transport arrangements.

Kestrel Maher,
8 Jul 2010, 00:30