Why Community?

There is a growing awareness that the current traditional Western lifestyle is not sustainable.     Environmentally, we are depleting our soils and polluting our air and waterways.  Our daily meals are heavily fossil-fuel dependent and lacking nutrition. 

Our houses are resource hungry and expensive, locking families into mortgage-driven lifestyles.  We build toxic homes that we fill with “disposable” goods that plunder the earth’s resources before being dumped in mother earth as “landfill”.

Despite greater access to leisure, entertainment, fine foods and luxuries than ever dreamed before in history, we also have more disease (1 in 3 will have cancer during their lives), mental illness and depression (2 in 5 persons).  The suburban Western way of life is both reflective and causative of the problems of isolation, powerlessness and disconnection that pervade society.

Our solution - quadruple bottom line communities…

“Would it be an exaggeration to claim that the emergence of the ecovillage movement is the most significant event of the 20th century?  I don’t think so.”           Sociologist Ted Trainer, University of New South Wales, Australia 

“In my view, eco-villages, and the larger social movements of which they are an integral part, are the most promising and important movement in all of history.”    Robert Rosenthall, Professor of Philosophy, Hanover College

Kestrel Maher,
22 May 2010, 05:00