Sustainable Agriculture

Integrated Farm Management at Bellbunya

An integrated Farm Management plan is currently being developed for the Bellbunya site in conjunction with the Bellbunya Community, with whom we co-operatively manage the 40 acre site.

Our aim is for Bellbunya to be a working farm demonstrating holistic management practices. From the environmentally sensitive and significant creek banks, we are creating 30 metre riparian buffer zone that not only supports wildlife habitat and corridors, but is also a source of native bush tucker for gourmet food lines. The habitat zone extends out through the food forest and farm forestry areas, from where it meets intensive orchards and horticulture areas.

Bellbunya's Agricultural Goals

Bellbunya aims to provide 90% of all fresh fruit and vegetables consumed by the Association for Sustainable Communities Inc, the Bellbunya Community, the Sustainable Kitchen food restaurant and the the Eco-Conference centre from its 40 acre site. Additionally, the land will provide income opportunities from farm forestry, native bush tucker and gourmet food production.

We take an holistic, long term view that incorporates the health of living eco-systems, the soil, plants and consumers. It is important that Bellbunya's agricultural activities respect and enhance native environments, and the retention and regeneration of riparian zones and wildlife corridors are an important component of the system, as is the incorporation of native bush tucker species into food plans.

Our aim is to model eco-agriculture, and research, education and training in combination with a living demonstration farm is at the heart of our activities. To this end we have partnered with local organisation Sustainable Living Association and are seeking additional partnerships with people or groups interested in teaching and demonstrating sustainable food production.


Sustainable agriculture can be described as a philosophy, rather than a single system, that is based on understanding the long-term impact of our activities on the environment and on other species as well as human and organisational goals.

Because farms are complex and diverse, finding sustainable practices and methodologies is generally location specific an d matched to the farm’s climate, soil types, time, markets, locale and economic and political conditions. Adaptation and experimentation are important components to finding best practice in sustainability for Bellbunya.

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