The Biodynamic movement was borne out of Anthroposophy, a school of Spiritual Science initiated by Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.  Steiner considered himself a scientist of the invisible realms, and gave indications about the impact of the supersensible realms in areas as diverse as education, health and agriculture. Steiner’s lectures on agriculture in the mid 1920’s catalysed new ways of envisaging the physical universe that take note of spiritual and cosmic influences in the plant realm. 

Biodynamics is interested not only in an holistic approach to farming, but also with the underpinning life forces of plants, mankind and the earth. Steiner was concerned with the impact that the growing industrialisation of food would have on the planet and mankind, and intended Biodynamics as a remedy and an alternative method of agriculture. 

Through Biodynamic preparations, the cosmic forces are brought to bear in the earth, returning life force and enhancing the soil's structure and nutrient cycles, as well as plant growth and development. Preparations are made using physical products, including cow manures and specially prepared compost heaps, and cosmic forces activated at specific seasons and moon cycles. Preparations are made from farm-sourced materials and are designed to work directly with the dynamic biological processes and cycles as the basis of soil fertility.