Permaculture is a system that designs sustainable human settlements.  Permaculture seeks to preserve and extend natural systems whilst designing a cultivated ecology for food production.  Founded by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is a system to design agricultural eco-systems that are stable, resilient and diverse to benefit life in all its forms.

Bellbunya community working together
maculture incorporates not only food production, but incorporates values for building resilient communities, working with natural processes and sustainable building.

Bellbunya's permaculture gardens are featured in the landscape, using ponds, swales and bunds to capture and flow water that incorporate sub-tropical plants and herbs.

Bellbunya is proud to host regular Permaculture Design Certificate Courses, Permaculture in Practice courses and Growing Roots programs. 

Details of courses can be found on the Bellbunya web-site.